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What you need to know about this cutting-edge offline marketing tool

General Questions

How will Charge Tank units add value to my business?

By offering FREE charging to your customers while you increase sales, advertise your offers and write off your lease! You control the advertising for your own offers and change the campaigns as often as you like.

How are digital displays managed?

Digital Displays are managed via a cloud server which allows real-time update of content.

Once I set up my ads and promotions, can I make changes?

Yes. You have complete control over your slides. If you want to make changes and add new content on your units you can call customer service or email us your updated artwork.

How long does it take to download new slide?

The content change is done remotely via WIFI for real-time ad changes.

Can I brand the units?

We brand your products/services using the easy slide-out back with any custom advertisement you would like. We can custom design your ads for a minimal cost. We rent units for events and tradeshows.

Charging Station Specific Questions

Do I need an electrical outlet for the unit?

No, you can place the units where you want! You can place them on every table because these do not have to be attached to an outlet.  No wiring equates to money and the flexibility to place them everywhere your customer is!

How long does the battery last before I have to recharge the unit?

Each unit can charge 25+ Phones per day and charge multiple devices at a time with built-in cables and USB outputs. The average battery life is 12 hours.

How long does it take to charge a charge station unit?

The High Capacity Batteries work all day and Quickly ReCharge Overnight to be ready for the next day!  We provide cables and splitters for charging multiple units on one electrical outlet.

What are the power requirements to charge a unit?

All of our charging stations use a standard 3 prong plug that can get plugged into any regular wall outlet, extension cord or power strip. The specific outlet type would be a 120V 15A for optimal performance.

How do the digital screens work?

The screen supports images and videos (with sound support as well) that are loaded into a playlist and will play on a constant loop. All files are stored locally on the charging station.

Working With Charge Tank Media

Who do you work with, in the area?

We sell our products and services to individual restaurants and we also license our software to distributors who also sell our services. Chances are if a restaurant has a charging unit – they are using our services.

What do I need to provide to ChargeTank Media?

Specs for artwork are:  Sizes: 600×1024 (vertical orientation. File size MAX 2mb.jpeg

Still have questions?

No problem. Send us a note or call us with any additional questions you may have.