Introducing Our Hospitality Features

Designed to streamline restaurant operations.

TableTop Solutions

ChargeTanks line of unattended terminals are designed to streamline restaurant operations by providing an inexpensive hardware/software combination. With ChargeTanks tabletop solutions, merchants can now increase their operations efficiency.

How will this benefit my restaurant?

While your customers engage with your mobile charging stations, they will enjoy the benefits of both a charged phone and an enhanced customer experience. Customers can place unattended orders, check the status of their order, call the server, and view their bill from the terminal. Merchants can also advertise their specials and promotions or sell ads for their associates to display.

How will I SEE a return on my investment?

Chargetank Media mobile charging stations reach your target market at their most pivotal point in the purchasing decision. The ChargeTank will generate an order in your point of sale system, prompting your service line to prepare the order. Should the customer wish to add drinks or other food items, they may do so without waiting to capture the waiter/waitress attention – thus increasing sales.


Some awesome features

Bringing the wow factor to your business while creating an experience your customers will never forget!

Increase Sales

Customers may order items from their table as they please, typically resulting in increased sales.

Customer Engagement

Provide a faster, more accurate, and more interactive ordering experience.

Reduce Labor Costs

Our TableTop solution allows your business to automate the order and payment experience, thus reducing costs on labor.

Advertising Revenue

Sell ads to your partners and vendors for direct to consumer promotion opportunities.

Share the Love

Consumers can perform check-ins and share their experience, with your eatery, to all of their social media followers.

Time Saving

Your customers can make their payments, when they are ready, directly through the device.